Best of 2012

2012 has been quite an exciting year for me.  I have met a lot of new people, new artists and have a new home in Los Angeles, CA.  I am excited for the new year to come and can’t wait to share some of the wonderful adventures I have planned.  Until then, here are some of my favorite images of from 2012.

10. Miss Samantha Baker: This image is of one of my best friends Samantha Barker.  Samantha was a grad student at PBT and is now part of Texture Contemporary Ballet.  This image has an immense amount movement even though it is a still image.



9. Cello Fury: Cello Fury is piece created and performed by Texture Contemporary Ballet in the summer of 2012.  This year I started photographing this new company and what a privellege it has been.  The show Blur was filled with many diverse pieces and dancers.  I love the colors and the rawness of this image.



8. Caroline Wilde: Caroline Wilde is currently senior at  Ballet Academy of Pittsburgh.  I have know Caroline for many years now.   This was the start of an ongoing project I am doing about the in-between steps in ballet.  This stuff that sometimes goes unnoticed.  I believe that all parts of ballet are beautiful and this image represents that.



7: Together: While working with Peter Merz, Head of Ballet at Point Park University, this image was born.  Peter and I worked together to create a video of his dancers performing movement from his piece to be played during the performance. Although I was doing video, I had to stop and take a few photographs.



6.  Intensity: One of my favorite places to photograph is backstage.  I love to be close to my subjects and being in the wings, I get pretty close.  This image has an amount of passion that cannot be explained or replicated.  Texture is creating some beautiful work and I am happy to be a part of it.



5. Mara Milner: I love photographing dancers in the streets.  The juxtaposition of putting beautiful ballerinas in grungy areas of the city is fascinating to me.  My first ballet project during  college focused on this and it is something I have no intentions of stopping.  I usually photograph tight or very close to my subject.  Once I saw these shadows on the wall, they dictated the rest.  Mara is a wonderful dancer and this was the first image we took! Without her, it wouldn’t have been possible.



4: Swan Lake: Last spring, Ballet Academy of Pittsburgh an excerpt from Swan Lake.  I was thrilled when they asked me to photograph their promotional images for the show.  As soon as I heard it was the black swan I would be photographing, I knew this was the image I wanted to create.  This image is of Maeve McEwen who is currently studying ballet at the University of Michigan.



3. Taylor Ackerman: This was one of the first images I took in California after the big move.  Those of you who are from Pittsburgh like myself know that most days in the city are typically cloud filled.  Well, California is quite the opposite.  I forgot what it was like to shoot with the sun.  This picture is of Taylor Ackerman,  a fellow Pittsburgh who is killing it here in LA.



2: Untitled: I have been working with Alan and Kelsey for about 6 months now.  We have been collaborating to create a lot of unique images to show what Texture is all about.  This is one of my favorites.



1. Identify: Great dancers can be identified by a foot, an arm, even a finger. The more I photograph dancers the more I see the character of each performer come out in ways I had never seen before.  This is the start of project based on the physical elements of dancer that create an identity stronger than a face.  This image shows the beauty of a simple arm.


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