US Soccer Futsal Event

About two and a half weeks ago I was contacted by US soccer asking me if I would be interested in photographing a new youth futsal event at the Home Depot Center in LA.  The organization liked my work with dancers and wanted me to use that skill to capture the emotional aspect of the kids playing futsal.

Futsal is a sport that is similar to soccer.  The US Soccer Organization has recently decided to incorporate this sport into their development of youth players.  As opposed to playing on a soccer field outside, you play on a tennis sized court and typically it is played indoors.  This allows the players who live in colder climates to practice all year long.  It is extremely fast paced and intense.

Throughout the week, I focused on a couple of young athletes that potentially will be playing on a professional level.  Watching these kids was truly captivating.   The passion and fluidity to soccer is very similar to ballet.  These future pros spend many days and long hours honing in on their skills to make sure they are ready for any situation. Even when their games had ended or there was  small halftime break, all the players would flood the court just to kick the ball around.

I have never seen something that reminded me of ballet more than this sport.  Below are the pictures that I believed captured the emotion and characteristics of this amazing event put on by US Soccer.  If you would like to see the magazine put together by US Soccer, download the app US Soccer and then view the magazine called Scout Issue Two.  You swipe side to side to see each of the players and up and down to find out more about one particular player.

I look forward to watching these talented athletes again in the future.

IMG_0379 IMG_0404 IMG_0491 IMG_0510 IMG_0575 IMG_0660 IMG_0760 IMG_0819 IMG_0826 IMG_0843 IMG_0865 IMG_1002 IMG_1048 IMG_1097 IMG_1168 IMG_1601 IMG_1731 IMG_2142 IMG_2156 IMG_2509 IMG_2510 IMG_2583 IMG_2788 IMG_2967 IMG_3643 IMG_3665 IMG_3670 IMG_4043 IMG_4401 IMG_4497 IMG_4562 IMG_5855 IMG_6681 IMG_7266 IMG_7348 IMG_7357

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