Fran and Tracy: Engagment Shoot

First time in Denver, CO this weekend and it was amazing.  Definitely a city I could see myself living in at some point.  While I was there attending a wedding, I was able to see a friend of mine and meet his lovely fiancé.  Fran and Tracy are amazing people and talented dancers.  They recently moved from Spain to Colorado to dance with the Colorado Ballet. Not only are Fran and Tracy ballet dancers but also entrepreneurs.  Fran is a photographer of Francisco Estevez Photography, also working primarily with ballet dancers. Tracy is the founder and owner of Tulips by Tracey, a unique brand of custom ballet skirts. Make sure you check out their work!

Lastly, they have a super cute dog named Peca.  Can’t wait for our little mini pin puppies to play together someday.

IMG_0066IMG_0046 IMG_0099 IMG_0109 IMG_0112 IMG_0144 IMG_0157 IMG_0180 IMG_0186 IMG_0252 IMG_0263 IMG_0281 IMG_0294 IMG_0309 IMG_0321 IMG_0372 IMG_0379 IMG_0414


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