Nathan Bland: Owner/Director of Berks Ballet Theatre Conservatory of Dance

I can’t believe that Nathan Bland and I have known each other for almost ten years now.  We first met when Nathan moved to Pittsburgh to train with the Pittsburgh Youth Ballet Company.  As most of you know, it is hard to find talented male dancers, so when Nathan came, he was a busy guy doing all the male leads at our school.  After graduation, Nathan danced with many professional companies such as Oklahoma City Ballet, Kansas City Ballet and the Croatian National Ballet Theatre.   Not only has Nathan impacted ballet world through his dancing but he also recently became the new owner of Berks Ballet Theatre in Pennsylvania.  He was always so helpful to me as a young student and I am sure his students feel the same way.  I love catching up with old friends and can’t wait to work with him in the future.  Make sure you check out Berks Ballet Theatre’s Facebook Page to stay updated on the wonderful things they have planned for this year.

This shoot took place at the Carl Schurz Park in New York City over the 4th of July.  We started here then eventually made it into the streets of the city.

After the shoot, we went to one of my favorite restaurants close to the park for some margaritas and tacos called Cascabel. What dancer doesn’t love guacamole and a good margarita? If you are in NYC, check it out.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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