Texture Contemporary Ballet: Perpetual Motion

For over a year now I have had the honor of photographing Texture Contemporary Ballet.  This year, Texture performed their show titled Perpetual Motion at the New Hazlett Theater in the Northside of Pittsburgh.  The show was filled with diverse pieces and amazing music.  They had music from Elbow, Bon Iver (personal favorite) and live music performed by Meeting of the Important People. Make sure you check out Texture’s website and social medias to stay tuned on their upcoming performances.


IMG_4562 IMG_4570 IMG_4680 IMG_4886 IMG_5092 IMG_5099 IMG_5113 IMG_5140 IMG_5143 IMG_5863 IMG_5886 IMG_5932 IMG_5977 IMG_5981 IMG_6009 IMG_6092 IMG_6169 IMG_6254 IMG_6295 IMG_6305 IMG_6414 IMG_6424 IMG_6491 IMG_6554 IMG_6559 IMG_6670 IMG_6790 IMG_6828 IMG_6884 IMG_6904 IMG_6911 IMG_6916 IMG_6919 IMG_6976 IMG_6993


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