Sophia Williams Dance Photographs: Downtown Pittsburgh

Sophia Williams will forever now be known as my baby ballerina.  One of Sophia’s presents for her big double digit birthday was a shoot with me :), Katie Ging.  How honored am I to be a part of her birthday wishes? She was the youngest street ballet shoot I have done so far! Sophia and I spent the first part of our shoot in downtown Pittsburgh wandering from Market Square to the Clemente Bridge.  Since it was a birthday present, I wanted to start with a pink ballon, her favorite color.  After a couple of shots, we ditched the balloon and ventured on. I usually get a lot of looks while photographing in the street but with Sophia I also got a lot of smiles.  This girl just makes you want to put a big grin on your face to match the one she is always wearing.  Sophia is a talented young dancer.  Watch out ballet world;  She’s coming for you.

IMG_7268IMG_7341 IMG_7406 IMG_7427 IMG_7433 IMG_7439 IMG_7457 IMG_7467 IMG_7314IMG_7480 IMG_7503 IMG_7516IMG_7957 IMG_7963 IMG_7991

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