Nicole Nyman: Ballet Shoot/Mt Washington & Station Square

I always love working with students from all of the different ballet schools.  I love to hear how each school works to help produce these talented dancers.  One of those dancers is Nicole Nyman who dances with Mansfield Conservatory West.  Nicole and I shot around the city of Pittsburgh specifically in the Station Square/Mt Washington area.  If I remember correctly, it was hot day and Nicole had rehearsal directly after the shoot. Nicole has a great personality, amazing poise and posture.  I can also tell you, she is also a perfectionist; I think most of us dancers are.  Nicole and I are scheduled to do an indoor session soon too.  Stay tuned!  IMG_7165-Edit IMG_7187 IMG_7233 IMG_7246 IMG_7280 IMG_7296 IMG_7376 IMG_7378IMG_7204 IMG_7328IMG_7401


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One thought on “Nicole Nyman: Ballet Shoot/Mt Washington & Station Square

  1. Thank you so much Katie for sharing these shots with me! She is stunning as always and I am proud to be part of her dance life. MCW will never be the same when she leaves us this year!!! Thanks again. You two make a great team…..

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