Ballet Shoot: London

As I had mentioned in a previous blog, two of the most important parts becoming a better artist are seeing new places and meeting new people.  While in London last month, I was blessed to work with two great dancers, Emma and Annie.  These two lovely girls are in the dance program at FSU.  There was only one day in London when the weather was good to shoot so we tried to make the most of it.  Annie and I started shooting around the college she was attending while in London, London Contemporary Dance School. Annie is originally from Philly and trained at the Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts.  Most of the dancers I work with are usually ballet dancers but this time I was able to work with a modern based dancer.  It was wonderful to see the different quality of the movement in the images vs the ballet images. After Annie and I finished up, I met up with Emma and we photographed in a completely opposite type of area, the London Eye.  The London Eye was one of the first places my boyfriend and I visited in London and I loved it.  I just thought it was so beautiful and it is quickly becoming a icon that everyone wants to see.  This was a little more difficult because the sun was setting, the weather was a little chilly to have a dancer running around the streets and there were soooooo many tourists.  With that being said, we made it work and I love the images from both shoost.  Emma is a more ballet focused and trained at University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

I really loved working with these girls not only to photograph them but to hear about the program they were attending in London and their experience at FSU.  What I found to be the most amazing about their training at FSU is the way the dance program incorporates the digital age. What I mean by that is that the college requires dance students to take classes that teach them how to take head shots, make reels for dance and various other important techniques that are not always focused on.  Getting a job in the dance world is hard, very hard. I thought it was great their college prepared them not only through dance but how to be ready for their upcoming auditions.  I believe with a great headshot, audition photos and reels, the dancer is already one step ahead.

Thank you Emma and Annie for a wonderful time and experience in London.

Also, thank you my friend Courtney for assisting me on this shoot.  Make sure you check out her amazing work here!

IMG_2949 IMG_2961IMG_3097IMG_3023IMG_3055IMG_3236IMG_3145 IMG_3170 IMG_3186IMG_3206

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