The Best of 2013

There are too many words to describe 2013 so I will let the images do the job.  Check out my favorite images of 2013!

 10. Declan Hollis:  I can’t believe this little man is over a year old now. Declan was born about two months premature. Those first couple of months were hard for him and all of the people that love him. Now, Declan might be one the strongest and happiest kids I have ever seen. This picture was from Declan’s 6 month session this past June.  He looks strong, bold, and you can tell he is wondering why in the world we would put him in this bucket.

IMG_5449 Blog



9. Lisa and Oscar Get Married:  This was quite a unique and magical wedding.  This couple tied the knot at the Manhattan Penthouse in NYC. Lisa and Oscar’s wedding was truly one of a kind, filled with many creative details from the music to the ensembles of the bride and groom. When Lisa and Oscar told me about their color scheme and throw back feel, I instantly knew I wanted to create an image with a vintage feel.  Thank goodness there was a Mr Softy right by Washington park for us to fill this glass full of ice cream and my mom to find these straws to match!

Lisa and Oscar Blog


8. Texture Contemporary Ballet:  Texture and I have been working together for about two years now.  Every experience I have photographing them is completely different than the previous.  I love to work with dancers whether it is shooting a show or creating something unique in the studio.  This image was taken in my home studio in Pittsburgh for their upcoming season.  There are so many things I enjoy about this image but my favorite is how perfectly these bodies and limbs fit together like a puzzle.


7. Regional Dance America:  This year I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to photograph Regional Dance America/Pacific’s showcase.  As a young dancer, my studio also took part of Regional Dance America so this particular event brought back a lot of memories.  I think it is wonderful for students to work hard on a piece, perform, take class from other teachers and see other schools in the region perform.  This image is from Ashley Walton’s piece for Mid-Columbia Ballet.  This was one of my favorite pieces from all of the performances.  In this image, I enjoy the perfect technical abilities of the dancers and their emotions.



6. U.S. Soccer: I think one of the best compliments I have ever received is someone liking your work and seeing how it can relate to another subject.  US Soccer told me that they loved the emotional content of my work with dancers and they wanted me to use those skills for there new app which is an online magazine called Scout for upcoming youth soccer players.  I love the warm Cali sun in this image as the day comes to an end.




5. Nathan Bland and Temple Kemezis: After returning from Europe this year, I headed right to the big apple to attend a photo conference.  While I was in the city I was able to sneak in a couple of great shoots. One of them was with two extremely talented dancers, Nathan Bland and Temple Kemezis.  Nathan Bland, owner/director of Berks Ballet Theatre have been friends for quite some time now.  It is always wonderful to see how we grow up so quickly.  In the past decade we have been friends, Nathan has danced professionally for national and international companies as well as taking over the school and becoming the director of BBT.  When Nathan and Temple showed up, I was pleasantly surpassed to realize I had already photographed Temple with Texture Contemporary Ballet.  Oh, the ballet world is a small one.  Although this image is chaotic in the scene it also has a sense of stillness.  That is what I enjoy about it.


4. Long Beach Ballet: One of the best things about living in California is working with the talent of Long Beach Ballet. When I first moved here a year ago, I reached out to LBB to see if we could work together.  Lucky for me, they said yes and the magic started happening.  Every time I work with them I cannot stop smiling. Everyone involved with this school includes me like I am part of their Long Beach Ballet Family.  David Wilcox, the director, and his team go above and beyond to make sure the dancers and productions are one of a kind.  I am thrilled to be working with them.  Here is an image from their production of Swan Lake this year.


3.  Sweet Threads:  Words cannot describe my love for Sweet Threads.  In the fall of 2012 after I first moved out to Cali, I came across a post on craigslist for a company looking for an intern to be a blogger.  I clicked on the link and saw what an amazing company it was and decided to reach out.  Although I did not want to be an intern or a blogger, Sweet Threads still decided to meet with me.  We discussed ways we could possibly collaborate together and things started rolling.  Shella and Paul, the owners of Sweet Threads, have grown their business this year at rocket speed.  These two have become some of my best friends here as well as best people to work with.  Make sure you stayed tuned to their website for your kiddos because they have so exciting news coming.  This was from one of the first photo shoots I did with Sweet Threads last March.  We were trying to create an ad and this image did just that.  Thanks to our neighbors in Downtown Long Beach for letting us borrow their little ones.  For other sweet boutiques check out Anneise, Make Collectives and La Femme.


2.  Erin Ging:  One of my first published photographs was of this little, or not so little girl.  My niece, Erin, has been one of my inspiration for many years and I know she will continue to be.  Anytime I want to try a new lighting set up or a new lens, she is always willing to model for me. I love everything about this image and the girl in it.


1. Molly Kearns:  This shoot took place in my garage on a freezing day in Pittsburgh.  I remember wanting to cancel the shoot because it was too cold for me to even heat up. Despite the cold,  Miss Molly was up for the shoot.  As soon as Molly and I started working together, I knew something great was going to happen from this shoot.  Molly  was so energetic, sweet and excited, how could I not be.  My favorite part of this image is her hand on her knee.  I just love how tightly she is holding on.  I also enjoy that it takes the person out of the image and becomes about ballet and the movement.   Molly was my favorite session and favorite image of 2013.  She also got a camera this year and I can’t wait to see what she does with it!


2 thoughts on “The Best of 2013

  1. All of your pictures are amazing, especially the ones of Declan! I’m so glad you did the ones of him with the bubbles and the ducks, because now, the only way I can get him to take a bath is to use bubble bath and give him his special rubber ducky. So funny!

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