Lauren and Ben Engagement Shoot: Mt. Washington & Oakland

I adore working with old friends.  I have known this lovely lady for over 20 years.  I have said it before but there really is nothing stronger than a ballet bond.  You might not talk every day or even see each other in years but when you do meet again, it’s like nothing has changed.  Working with Ben and Lauren was awesome.  They had some cute ideas for our photo shoot and wonderful personalities to bring the images to life.  This wonderful couple met at the University of Pittsburgh so we made sure to take some pictures around the campus.  Here are some of my favorites from our shoot this week!

IMG_8883IMG_8895IMG_9025IMG_9047IMG_9186IMG_9222IMG_9498 IMG_8908-Edit IMG_8941 IMG_8949 IMG_9083 IMG_9113 IMG_9137 IMG_9180-Edit IMG_9309 IMG_9385 IMG_9399 IMG_9433 IMG_9459 IMG_9480IMG_9534 IMG_9567

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