Melissa and Wes: The White Barn

Less than  year ago, I received a phone call from a young gentleman asking me to photograph his upcoming proposal.  I was thrilled to be a part of the magic and document the start of  wonderful year for Melissa and Wes. They are so love, the way love is supposed to be.   I really could go on and talk about this amazing and beautiful couple for quite some time but I think the pictures show how specially they are. Check out this sweet wedding below!

White Barn Wedding_0001 White Barn Wedding_0002 White Barn Wedding_0003White Barn Wedding_0004 White Barn Wedding_0005 White Barn Wedding_0006White Barn Wedding_0007 White Barn Wedding_0008 White Barn Wedding_0009White Barn Wedding_0010 White Barn Wedding_0011 White Barn Wedding_0012White Barn Wedding_0013 White Barn Wedding_0014 White Barn Wedding_0015White Barn Wedding_0016 White Barn Wedding_0017 White Barn Wedding_0018White Barn Wedding_0019 White Barn Wedding_0020 White Barn Wedding_0021White Barn Wedding_0022 White Barn Wedding_0023 White Barn Wedding_0024 White Barn Wedding_0025White Barn Wedding_0026 White Barn Wedding_0027 White Barn Wedding_0028White Barn Wedding_0029 White Barn Wedding_0030White Barn Wedding_0031 White Barn Wedding_0032 White Barn Wedding_0033White Barn Wedding_0034 White Barn Wedding_0035 White Barn Wedding_0036White Barn Wedding_0037White Barn Wedding_0038White Barn Wedding_0039White Barn Wedding_0040White Barn Wedding_0037White Barn Wedding_0041White Barn Wedding_0042White Barn Wedding_0043White Barn Wedding_0044White Barn Wedding_0045White Barn Wedding_0046White Barn Wedding_0047White Barn Wedding_0048White Barn Wedding_0049White Barn Wedding_0050White Barn Wedding_0051White Barn Wedding_0052White Barn Wedding_0053White Barn Wedding_0054White Barn Wedding_0055White Barn Wedding_0056White Barn Wedding_0057White Barn Wedding_0058White Barn Wedding_0059
White Barn Wedding_0060White Barn Wedding_0063White Barn Wedding_0062White Barn Wedding_0064White Barn Wedding_0065White Barn Wedding_0066White Barn Wedding_0067White Barn Wedding_0068White Barn Wedding_0069White Barn Wedding_0070White Barn Wedding_0071White Barn Wedding_0072White Barn Wedding_0073White Barn Wedding_0074White Barn Wedding_0075White Barn Wedding_0076White Barn Wedding_0077White Barn Wedding_0078White Barn Wedding_0082White Barn Wedding_0079White Barn Wedding_0080White Barn Wedding_0081White Barn Wedding_0083White Barn Wedding_0084White Barn Wedding_0085White Barn Wedding_0086White Barn Wedding_0087White Barn Wedding_0088White Barn Wedding_0089White Barn Wedding_0090White Barn Wedding_0091White Barn Wedding_0092White Barn Wedding_0093White Barn Wedding_0094White Barn Wedding_0095White Barn Wedding_0096White Barn Wedding_0097White Barn Wedding_0098White Barn Wedding_0099White Barn Wedding_0100White Barn Wedding_0101White Barn Wedding_0102White Barn Wedding_0103White Barn Wedding_0104


Special thanks to Corey Lander and Doug Roberts for shooting this awesome wedding with me!



Venue: White Barn

Caterer: Medure’s Catering

Videographer: One Night Only Films

Event Coordination: Trends to Traditions

Florist: Gerard Boeh

Band: Modern Times Band

Dress: Bridal Beginnings

Cookies: Shari K’s Cookies

Dessert Bar: Pennie’s Bakery

Ceremony Backdrop: Soergel’s Orchards





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