Chelsea and Adam : Perle: Pittsburgh, PA

I love when clients become friends.  Chelsea is a good friend of my cousin Chelsey  and is now a friend of mine.  I was so thrilled when Adam and Chelsea asked me to photographer their big day.  The day started for the bride and the groom at the Fairmont Hotel in Pittsburgh.  I love shooting here! Beautiful light and beautiful views.  Chelsea assembled the team to put together her hair and make up.  From her sisters, Jamie and Kristen,  doing make up to the wonderful Lisa from Posh who did her fabulous hair.  After everyone was ready, we headed to Phipps Conservatory for the ceremony.  This is an amazing inside garden with tons of pops of color, a dream venue for a photographer to shoot.  Chelsea was escorted down the aisle by her father and their son Jaxon (what a cutie!).  The music played by Lucy Scandrett on the harp and the ceremony was given by Minister Ronald J. Cambest.  It was a memorable ceremony filled with love, laughter and joy.  Although it was raining in Pittsburgh, we didn’t let that stop us! We ventured back to the hotel to take some photos inside and around the area before making it Perle, an amazing champagne bar in Pittsburgh.   The rest of the night was a blast with tunes played by Digital Dave.  Check out their awesome wedding below! Flowers by Pete Donati and Sons.

Thanks to the talented Melissa Moulden for shooting this wedding with me!

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One thought on “Chelsea and Adam : Perle: Pittsburgh, PA

  1. You are a most talented photographic artist! So glad you were there to share the celebration. Best of luck in your career !

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