Amanda, Andrew and Lilian: Washington, PA

Just one year ago I was photographing Amanda and Andrew’s beautiful wedding.  In the past year, this lovely couple got married, bought a house and now have welcomed precious little Lilian Grace into the world.  We took these photographs at Amanda and Andrew’s home in Washington, PA just about a week after Lily was born. Check out some of the first moments Amanda and Andrew get to spend with their little huddle of joy.

IMG_5283IMG_5316IMG_5403IMG_5264 IMG_5266IMG_5343 IMG_5383 IMG_5450 IMG_5457-Edit IMG_5466 IMG_5522 IMG_5552 IMG_5562 IMG_5573 IMG_5576 IMG_5631 IMG_5673 IMG_5674 IMG_5678-Edit IMG_5730 IMG_5742 IMG_5746 IMG_5752 IMG_5760

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