Sweet Threads 4th of July Mini’s

As most of you know one of the most talented people I know is now one of my best friends.  Sweet Threads has the best kids clothes, toys and much more.  Make sure you check out some of the mini sessions below!

IMG_6122 IMG_6220 IMG_6344 IMG_6620 IMG_6664 IMG_6693 IMG_6719 IMG_6741 IMG_6890 IMG_6986 IMG_7292 IMG_7315 IMG_7402 IMG_7550 IMG_7598 IMG_7645 IMG_7777 IMG_7790 IMG_7841 IMG_7875 IMG_7919 IMG_8047

One thought on “Sweet Threads 4th of July Mini’s

  1. awwww!! Katie you are a diamond in a rough and I’m so honored to work with you!! These are amazing and I expected nothing less. Xoxo

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