Something New

As most of you know, I love to photograph dancers, especially in and around a city.  It’s hard to believe a project I started in college has become my life.  As I try to stretch my boundaries, I started something different today.  Dancers in the water.  I am excited to share my first images with you.  Here are some shots of the extremely talented Savannah Louis and Derek Drilon.


IMG_1150 IMG_1158 IMG_1169 IMG_1195 IMG_1200 IMG_1237 IMG_1275 IMG_1336 IMG_1355 IMG_1373 IMG_1387 IMG_1402 IMG_1428 IMG_1431 IMG_1440-Edit IMG_1448 IMG_1457 IMG_1520IMG_1212 IMG_1229 IMG_1414

One thought on “Something New

  1. Awesome! So many gorgeous shots. Congratulations Katie. Love the double penches en fondue! And the pointe shoes in the water. And the one of him holding her in penche. And.. and… and..

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