Our Gatsby Wedding 8.22.15

It’s hard to believe that our wedding was almost two months ago!  It really feels like it was yesterday as we have been slowly seeing more of it through the photos, videos, letters and other things we have been receiving.

We had such a wonderful day and can’t wait to show you some bits of it.  We could not have done this without the support of our family, friends and the amazing vendors who truly made the day magical.  Here are some of the questions we have been getting about the day and our answers.

Why Gatsby Themed?

Katie: “I really just love everything about the 1920’s.  I love the music, the clothes, all of it.  I really also wanted our guest to have an experience and I thought dressing up would do just that and they crushed it.  Everyone was dressed to impress.”

What was your favorite Part?

Brian – “After Party”(of course it is, that was not planned at all.  Men.)

Katie -“Hmm.  If I had to pick one probably saying our vows.  They were funny and very us”

What was the most stressful part?

Brian – “Wondering if Katie was going to walk down the aisle”

Katie – “Trying my dress on for the first time the day of the wedding”

Is there a funny moment that stands out?

Brian: “So most funniest moment was listening to gagster rap on the way to the ceremony with my dad”

Katie: “Casey.  My Brother. The whole reception”

Did you write your own vows?

Yes, we wrote them together at Friday’s.  They were made up lyrics from our favorite songs which included lines from Snow Patrol-Chasing Cars to  Childish Gambino – 3005.

What did Katie get you as a gift?

“Our wedding day started off with a surprise from Katie for me and my groomsmen.  Katie booked us a party boat to ride around Pittsburgh, along with champagne and breakfast treats.  After the two hour boat ride, we went over to Mister for some pre wedding shaves, along with an awesome catered lunch.  Katie knows how to treat me right. In order to improve my dance moves, Katie also hooked me up with some air Jordan’s.

What did Brian get you as a gift?

“Brian got me something that I have been wanting forever which is a Hasselblad.  It was perfect.  One of my favorite moments on the wedding day was photographing him at our whiskey bar with black and white film.  I have not gotten it processed yet but I am dying to see it.  He also did a lot of cute little things the day of.  One of them that sticks out is when we all got in the limo he had the sippy cup wine in there for us.  It was something that is on Shark Tank and that is one of my favorite shows so that was cute.”

Did you get to eat at the wedding?

Brian: “A little”

Katie: ” As soon as we got back  from photos we had a lot of appetizers in our own cocktail hour which were great.  We had plates of food just didn’t get a chance to eat it.  Looked amazing though”

Did you smash the cake in each other’s faces?

Brian: “I’m too scared to smash cake it Katie’s face”

Katie:  “Nope.  Too focused on eating it.”

Did you cry?

Brian: Nope.

Katie: Nope.

Do you remember the day?

Brian: “Yes”

Katie: “I remember bits and pieces but really it went so quickly.”

Any advice for future brides and grooms?

Brian: “Don’t. Haha. Remember to take time for yourselves”

Katie: “Just make sure you have a good time, don’t sweat the little things.  If it’s not funny now it will be ten years from now”

Photography: Michael Will

Videography: Shofilms

Venue: J. Verno Studios

Ceremony Venue: Heinz Hall

Ceremony Dress: Kyle Svendsen

Reception Dress: BCBG

Hair: Chelsea and Jamie Smoker

Makeup: Lisa Johnson of Kiss and Makeup

Invitations: Jack + Bean

Whiskey Bar: Wigle Whiskey

Caricature Artist: Ron Kantrowitz

Cookie Table: Patty Cole & Betty Lou Ging

Caterer: Yes! We Cater

Decor: Betty Lou Ging

Flowers: Leafhopper Design

Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: All over

Mother of the Bride Dress: Erin Heintzinger

Rings: Mark Schneider

String Quartet: Symbiotic Collusion

Jazz Band/DJ:Cadillac Jazz

Car: Chuck Barrington

Choreography: Genene McGrath

Awesome Logo: Casey Ging

Gatsby Wedding_0001

Gatsby Wedding_0002

Gatsby Wedding_0003

Gatsby Wedding_0004

Gatsby Wedding_0005

Gatsby Wedding_0006

Gatsby Wedding_0007

Gatsby Wedding_0008

Gatsby Wedding_0009

Gatsby Wedding_0010

Gatsby Wedding_0011

Gatsby Wedding_0012

Gatsby Wedding_0013

Gatsby Wedding_0014

Gatsby Wedding_0015

Gatsby Wedding_0016

Gatsby Wedding_0017

Gatsby Wedding_0018

Gatsby Wedding_0019

Gatsby Wedding_0020

Gatsby Wedding_0021

Gatsby Wedding_0022

Gatsby Wedding_0023

Gatsby Wedding_0024

Gatsby Wedding_0025

Gatsby Wedding_0026

Gatsby Wedding_0027

Gatsby Wedding_0028

Gatsby Wedding_0029

Gatsby Wedding_0031

Gatsby Wedding_0032

Gatsby Wedding_0033

Gatsby Wedding_0034

Gatsby Wedding_0035

Gatsby Wedding_0036

Gatsby Wedding_0037

Gatsby Wedding_0038

Gatsby Wedding_0039

Gatsby Wedding_0040

Gatsby Wedding_0041

Gatsby Wedding_0042

Gatsby Wedding_0043

Gatsby Wedding_0044

Gatsby Wedding_0045

Gatsby Wedding_0046

Gatsby Wedding_0047

Gatsby Wedding_0048

Gatsby Wedding_0049

Gatsby Wedding_0050

Gatsby Wedding_0051

Gatsby Wedding_0052

Gatsby Wedding_0053

Gatsby Wedding_0054

Gatsby Wedding_0055

Gatsby Wedding_0056

Gatsby Wedding_0057

Gatsby Wedding_0058

Gatsby Wedding_0059

Gatsby Wedding_0060

Gatsby Wedding_0061

Gatsby Wedding_0062

Gatsby Wedding_0063

Gatsby Wedding_0064

Gatsby Wedding_0065

Gatsby Wedding_0066

Gatsby Wedding_0067

Gatsby Wedding_0068

Gatsby Wedding_0069

Gatsby Wedding_0070

Gatsby Wedding_0071

Gatsby Wedding_0072

Gatsby Wedding_0073

Gatsby Wedding_0074

Gatsby Wedding_0075

Gatsby Wedding_0076

Gatsby Wedding_0077

Gatsby Wedding_0078

Gatsby Wedding_0079

Gatsby Wedding_0080

Gatsby Wedding_0081

Gatsby Wedding_0082

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