Boudoir – Why It’s for you

For a long time, I focused on dancers because that is what I knew.  I knew how I felt at the end of some hard days.  I thought that if I could provide a little piece to the puzzle to make someone feel better, that was my purpose.   As I grow older, I realize that we all have the same insecurities.  No matter who we are.  What we do. Where we live. We are all people.

Boudoir photography is such an interesting topic to me.  As our wedding approached, I was constantly asked if I was going to do a boudoir shoot for my now husband and my answer was repeatedly no.  It was something that my fiancé and I discussed and as a couple we came to the conclusion it was not for us.  What was he going to do with these images? I more than likely feel very uncomfortable taking them.  They were not gonna be on display but in a drawer tucked away.  Seemed like more reasons came to not take them.

Even though we decided it was something that wasn’t for us, well you know me, I did it anyway.  I set up my tripod, backdrop and gave it a try.

After I saw the images load into my computer, I felt great. I quickly realized that these portraits, the “boudoir” images, they had nothing to do with my husband but everything to do with me and that was the reason to do it.

This process really brought me back to the first time I photographed myself as a dancer.  While in school in Boston,  I started a self portrait series for a project about light.  I wanted to photograph dancers but as a new transfer student, I didn’t know any dancers yet to work with. To this day, I am thankful for my mentor encouraged me to pursue this project.  She knew before I did that this was going to be a project, a process, well something that would change my life. These images were a great way for me to transition from ballet to a photographer.  This project jumpstarted me to work with other dancers and help create the empowerment that I felt from making images of myself.  Images that made me feel the way we all should.

For me, the most rewarding thing about creating imagery is knowing that my clients get to see their images and love them. That their personality is present in the photo. That they are proud of themselves.

This is what makes me proud to do what I do.

I want to change this idea that boudoir needs to be a wedding gift or a gift for someone else.  I promise, this will be the best gift you can give yourself.   Do this you for you.  You deserve to see the beauty you are.  If I can help show that to you, I would be honored.

Here are some images of some recent sessions, including ones of myself. These ladies and myself feel proud to share them with you.

#forme #foryou

Katie Ging Photography_001

Katie Ging Photography_002

Katie Ging Photography_003

Katie Ging Photography_004

Katie Ging Photography-2

Katie Ging Photography_005

Katie Ging Photography_010

2 thoughts on “Boudoir – Why It’s for you

  1. Love this post. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful images. I love my boudoir photos for just the reason you said! I’ve rarely felt so beautiful. Didn’t need my husband’s approval – though he didn’t mind 😉

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