Ballet Photography and Cinematography

I have been anxiously awaiting to share this blog with you for quite some time so here it is!

Over the past couple of years, I have been trying to think of a new way to create a one of a kind experience for my clients.  I am proud to say that I think we have found it.

Back tracking two years ago when we were planning our wedding.  The day after Brian proposed, of course, I pretty much had all of the vendors selected.  The two I reached out to first, the ones I knew I had to have were our photographers and cinematographers.   Most people were surprised I felt the both were important, especially since I am a photographer.  One of the reasons I felt so passionately about having our wedding filmed stemmed from something one of my mentors, J. Verno, had mentioned.  J. explained how important it was to hear the audio of your wedding day is and how it’s one of the strongest senses.  He would say your Father is going to have an amazing speech and you are going to want to hear his voice (insert tears here).  He reminded me the importance of hearing the vows of my husband would recite, the thoughts our friends would speak and just voices of guests having a great time. His words could not have resonated more with me.  They always tell you your wedding is going to go by in a blink of an eye, and well guess what, it does.  But the thing is, it’s not just your wedding, it’s your life.  Almost a year ago, was our wedding.  Today, my nephew Aiden turns the big 1-0.  I swear he will always be five in my eyes.  I took my niece shopping the other day and she picked out higher heels than I knew existed.  I remember us in matching Chuck Taylor’s like it was yesterday.  This week were three other of my wonderful ballet friend’s birthdays.   As I write them messages to celebrate, I am attaching pictures of us dancing together from 10-20 years ago! How! What? How is the time going so quickly.

When thinking about the talented dancers I am honored to work with, I realized at all ages of their career, they need to have those incredibles stories told.  They need to be remembered.  They need to give their movement and artistry a voice in more ways than one.

I am so honored to be offering new cinematography to my sessions created by the talented Justin Ogrosky of Jado Media.  He in honestly one of the most talented and humble people in the world.  While on my photography sessions, you can add Justin to do these amazing videos where we do an interview, create some choreography and help tell your story.

This is our first video so there are changes and adjustments we will be making to tell your story in the best and most beautiful way.

If you are interested in booking a ballet photography and cinematography session, you can contact me directly through my site here!

Check out our video and photo shoot below with Kyra Piper of Ballet Academy of Pittsburgh!


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