Ava King: Pittsburgh’s Ballet Model Extraordinaire

Pittsburgh ballet model extraordinaire, Ava King and I ran around the city a few weeks ago to create some images. I really cannot express how lucky I am.  I am blessed to be able to do what I love for a living and more importantly work with people who make me feel like family.  Miss Ava King and I have been working together for a while now and every session I seem to enjoy more and more.  It’s so wonderful to see the girls when they come back form their summer programs.   The students have grown up, improved and have a new sense of themselves.  These sessions brings me back to my days studying at various summer programs and loving every moment of it.

This summer, Ava studied ballet with the Miami City Ballet School.  This school is one of the best ballet schools in the country and is extremely difficult to get into.  Go Ava! She was able to spend her days taking various classes and evenings on the beach with friends. Sounds like an amazing summer to me! Ava is currently training with Ballet Academy of Pittsburgh, under the direction of Lindsay and Steven Piper.

Some of Ava’s interests besides dancing include cooking, fashion and her family.  You should see some of these recipes and dishes she comes up with! I can’t wait to see what this year brings for Ava and where she ends up next.

Not only is Ava a talented dancer but she is a model with Docherty Talent Agency.   Below are some images from our ballet and modeling shoot.

PS: Ava is not the only talented artist in her family, her sister Fallon King is currently interning with Carolina Herrara in NYC while attending school at FIT.  I am lucky to have worked with Fallon and her amazing designs on a previous shoot.  I can’t wait to get a Fallon original sometime in the near future 🙂

Ava King-1 Ava King-2 Ava King-3 Ava King-4 Ava King-5 Ava King-6 Ava King-7 Ava King-8 Ava King-9 Ava King-10 Ava King-11 Ava King-12 Ava King-13 Ava King-14 Ava King-15 Ava King-16 Ava King-17 Ava King-18 Ava King-19 Ava King-20

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